Perform All Your Data Certifications In ONE place

The Interests & Opportunities Index Software, a version of the MMCS Consulting, LLC Educational Data Review and Certification Software licensed by and customized for the Louisiana Department of Education, is a secure online data certification system that allows authorized district users to request changes to records from rosters which may impact School Performance Scores.

Secure Environment

This online software uses 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption to protect sensitive roster information.

Roster Download

All fully-formatted rosters are available for download for schools and districts.


Monitor data certification process by roster and status via a dashboard including number of submitted, processed roster records, and more.

Lines of Communication

District and State users may broadcast announcements as well as privately interact with each other regarding submitted data certifications.

Track Progress

Track progress of data certification procedure in real-time including last transaction and next course of action. Quickly identify modified fields including value changes.

Output Files

For State users, summary of data certifications is available for download including value changes and correspondence between State and District users.


As an authorized user for this software, you must know that sharing Login ID and password as well as any information about this proprietary and copy-protected software, including but not limited to the screens, reports, and documentation, with unauthorized individuals are strictly forbidden, against the law, and against the provisions of the licensing agreement signed by the Louisiana Department of Education.